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Our Services

Start Up Services are from A to Z:
> European Company Formation
> United Kingdom Company Formation
> International Company Formation
> Offshore Company Formation
> Company Secretary
> Registered Address
> Worldwide banking services introduction
> Accountancy Services
> Audit Services
> Professional nominee services
> Management Development
> Financial Advisory
> Marketing plan preparation
> Business plan preparation
> Human resources advising
> Operational advising
> European shelf companies portfolio
> United Kingdom shelf companies portfolio
> International shelf companies portfolio
> Offshore shelf companies portfolio
> Equity partner companies portfolio

Starting a business is difficult and unpredictable and having the right advice every step of the way is critical. With experience to consider all the variables, outside advisors can help clients thinking about important considerations, such as what type of entity the company is going to be, will the client have partners, will client need to bring in money from other people or are we talking about a self-start business? 

G.C.S. advisors begin working with early stage and emerging businesses on order to establish a strong footing. Our team is here to explain the options and to help clients thinking through the implications of their decisions. In the end we can work with you to answer to all necessary questions  making sure the company you start is one that can grow with you.